Hi, I’m Francis.

I’m a fitness coach, writer, and speaker. I also host the Fighting Resistance Podcast.

I've spent a long time unhappy with myself, my body, and my life... But because I'm one determined bastard, I've learned as much as I can about the physical, mental, and emotional inner workings of humans to overcome that unhappiness.

I also noticed that a lot of other people struggled with the same unhappiness. I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you so you can break through your barriers and be a little bit happier. :)


About me

I love ice cream, lifting heavy things, making horrible jokes, and taking long naps.

I also love learning about people’s goals and motivations and then helping them find a way to make those goals a reality.

I coach people on how to lift heavy things, eat vegetables, and change their outlook on life at Thrive Fit, in Toronto, Canada.

If you want to chat or to arrange a speaking engagement, you can get a hold of me with the form below.

Photo by Malina Kaija

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