I want to help you get stronger.

I'm not a gym bro. I'm not a fitness nut. I don't just eat kale and protein.

I've just noticed that most of us have a lot of misunderstandings about our fitness, ourselves, and how to achieve what we want.

And it makes us sad.

I've spent a lot of my time unhappy with myself, my body, and my life... But because I'm one determined bastard, I've been learning as much as I can about how we work, physically, mentally, and emotionally,  to overcome that unhappiness.

I want to provide you with the information, the outlook, and the tools to make yourself better.

But the work? That's up to you. That's your responsibility. 



About me

I'm a fitness coach, writer, and public speaker.

I love talking with people about their goals, helping them achieve those goals, and writing about how to do that. I also love long naps, good food, and great company.

I coach at Thrive Fit, in Toronto, Canada. You can also find my writing on the Thrive Fit Blog.

If you want to chat or to arrange a speaking engagement, you can get a hold of me with the form below.

 Photo by Malina Kaija

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