What’s the bad side of eating healthier and exercising more?

I bet you can think of a few things that are bad about it.

And you’re probably wondering why the hell I’m talking about this if I’m a coach who’s job is to promote the benefits of exercise and healthy nutrition.

But that’s not really important right now.

Everyone knows that if they eat healthier and workout more they’ll be healthier. They might not know all the details. But we all know that vegetables and exercise are good for our bodies.

We all know we're supposed to eat these things... Why don't we?

We all know we're supposed to eat these things... Why don't we?

What I want to find out are the reasons why people don’t do this thing that we all know is good for us.

That’s why, if you’re struggling to get fitter, and healthier, I want you to ask yourself two weird questions:

1. What’s bad about changing my eating and activity habits?

2. What’s good about staying the same?

To give you some more food for thought with those questions, think about things you enjoy now that you might have to give up to be healthier.

  • Maybe you like to drink a lot with your clients and don’t want to give that up
  • Maybe you hate the idea of taking time out of your day to exercise
  • Maybe you’ll have to take time away from work or your family to go work out
  • Maybe you don’t want to be “that guy” who brings healthy alternatives to parties

On the flip side, consider what you like about the way you live now.

  • Maybe you like staying up late
  • Maybe you like overeating or eating certain foods that aren’t good for you
  • Maybe you like that you get to spend time with family or friends often
  • Maybe you like curling up to watch Netflix with a pizza after a tough week

There are all kinds of reasons we don’t want to change and want to stay the same. That’s normal.

How These Questions Help

I could talk endlessly about what’s good about changing bad behaviours and what’s bad about not changing them. But that’s stuff we already know

By answering these two questions you can understand what your barriers are. By knowing what you don’t like about changing and what you like about the way things are now, you can find ways to make it work. 

Tight for time? Bike to work. You'll be killing two birds with one stone.

Tight for time? Bike to work. You'll be killing two birds with one stone.

For example:

  • Still drink with your clients but alternate every drink with a soda water with lime
  • Find a way to fit exercise into your day. Maybe you can bike or walk to work
  • Get your family in on the fun. Play with your kids for activity
  • Don’t bring a healthy alternative to the party and enjoy the junk food because you’ve been diligent with healthy meal prep throughout the week
  • Continue to stay up late but get a nap in the middle of your day
  • Don’t give up the junk foods you enjoy completely but don’t keep them in your house. That way when you decide you want it, it’s a mindful treat, not a mindless habit.

Those are just a few ideas to start.

So today, ask yourself what’s bad about changing and what’s good about staying the same. You might surprise yourself with your answers.