Let’s say you want to change yourself.

You want to lose weight, or to be more assertive, or start a business or, maybe you just want to start waking up earlier.

We all have things about ourselves we want to change. It's human nature. We're always trying to be better.

But change is hard. 

If change wasn't hard, there wouldn't be a fitness industry or self help industry. No one would have trouble quitting smoking… That's clearly not the case.

And change is reeeally easy to think about. It's easy to learn about. We have a billion dollar self help industry out there and no shortage of books, blogs, services, events, and courses on the stuff.

But how many people actually make those changes stick?

Not many.

So Why Can’t we Change?

I’m reading all these books but I just can’t change!

I’m reading all these books but I just can’t change!

For all the knowledge we have about how to change ourselves, most of us have very little actual ACTION.

Action, no matter how small, drives change. Full stop.

In Steven Pressfield's brilliantly succinct book, Do the Work, he outlines the process for starting and finishing any creative endeavour.

One of my favourite quotes from that book is this:

“Before we begin, you wanna do research? Uh-unh. I’m putting you on a diet. You’re allowed to read three books on your subject. No more."

Learning is great. Knowledge is good. But there is just too much. Too much for you to learn before you start. Because then you’ll never start.

As James Clear says, learning by itself does not lead to progress.

You don't need one more book.

You don't need another course.

You don't need to know "the secret."

You need to move.

Change Starts Here and Now

Start small. Start real small and move and move and move. It builds momentum.

Don't even make an end goal because you don't know enough to know how this will end. You can't know exactly what the finished the product will look like but you can know what the next step is. You can see at least one foot in front of you so just fucking move.

Here's the thing:

You're gonna fall flat on your face.

More than once.

It'll suck.

But it's better than always researching, never moving, and never living. Staying inert, staying passive, making a dying, not a living.

And it's not like acting instead of researching means you stop learning. The awesome thing about action is that you learn in real time. You get real life experience and you learn how all those theories actually apply to you, NOT he author of the book you read or his clients or your successful friends or anyone else.

It's not about them.

It's about you.

Even if you aren't ready to change yet, just move. Even if you're depressed; even if you've failed fifty times before; even if it's the most painful thing you've ever done, I promise you it'll help.

Just fucking move one muscle.

Right now.

I'll be cheering you on every second.

What will you do today?